Thursday, July 18, 2013

Po from Kung Fu Panda

July 15, 2013 Monday

Hola! Familia y amigos!!!
This week has been a lot harder we had made a lot of contacts with people on the street and when we went to their houses they were not there which is sooo sad because they have no idea what they are missing or what happiness they could have and it´s a happiness that lasts forever!!!!!
Yesterday was really hard because Saturday we had a FANTASTIC lesson with this girl and she said that she wanted to feel better and repent and go to church the next day and so Sunday morning we went to her house which is on the other side of Chancay from where we live and it is also far sorta from the church and I felt like Po in Kung Fu Panda when he gets to the top of the stairs and he can see and then the doors close before he gets there.. The investidora decided to stay home and sleep well that is what her dad told us that she is still sleeping so we walked to church saddened of heart because we were also running late to church and we thought we were going miss the Sacrament as well.. but The Elderes had told them to wait for us or they were waiting for other miembros tambien. haha that was sad.. but we are still going to see her. I also met my new mission president this past week.. last wednesday! He is great!! and His wife is wonderful!!! and they have 10 kids all together but only 2 of them came with R a 12 boy and S a 10 year old girl. They are so sweet! Also our president is a teacher for seminaries and institute which is what I am considering going into when I get back but I am still not sure.. there is a lot of history here.. I might do history as well.. haha
I keep waking up every morning not believing that I am here serving my mission for the Lord. He has been protecting me and he has been guiding me. I can feel it. And Spanish is getting easier little by little.. Although I still wish I was a native speaker.. That is my goal!!! To be a native speaker!!!
Everything is great just a lot of walking... and walking... y caminando... y mucho más caminando!!!! jaja.  WE have not tried no bake cookies..(I sent her the recipe that she asked for last week)  porque they don´t have peanut butter here.. or they do and it is very expensive.. so send me more easy no bake recipes we can try. I have not gotten any dear elder letters.. It will probably be easier to email..
Hermana Hyer
I am attaching some pictures and this one is my army of Helaman and my first day en el campo.

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