Tuesday, July 30, 2013

MTC sisters together again, Gui and First Baptism

                                                       MTC Sisters together again
Sister's Conference with Mission President
Hermana Moody's Birthday

                                                         First Baptism

                                                                  Dinner with a Family

Dear FAMILY!!!
This week has been better! We had a baptism! of a niño and He was soo happy!!! We also tried cuy ( big Guinea Pigs...tastes like chicken..:).  and had a wonderful lunch with members yesterday! I am happy!!! My spanish is getting better still a little hard sometimes.. but it is a learning process! Sunday we went to pick up two investigadoras for church and they live on the other side of Chancay from us and a little bit away from the church as well. One said that she didn´t have time with family visiting and the other was not there. Which was disappointing.. but that is okay. When we got to the church the boy who had gotten baptized the day before wasn´t there and we were ten minutes late. I teared up and cried a little But one of the members had told us that She saw them coming. And They did!! !He got  confirmed and it was beautiful!!! His name is Rodrigo and he is 9. His mom is Juana and Monica is the daughter in the picture. He has two other sisters Andrea and Wendy and his dad Rubén. Elder Gubler is the one who baptized him! This is the family we have been trying to get married and there have been many miracles to help us!
WE ARE LOVED!!!! By the one who created us all!!! By our Heavenly Father and our Savior!! I have felt their love for my investigadores and for you!!! I MISS YOU ALL!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!!!! 
Hermana Hyer

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Smashing Eggs

Hola Todas!!!!
 Estamos bien! La comida es BIEN RICO!!!! Me gusta mucho!!  (We are fine!  The food is very good!!!! I like it a lot.) The other day we had mariscos.. clams i believe and it was really good.. although tasted like fish.. and I don´t really like fish.. but that is okay! haha For every meal we have rice!!! and I now know why I did not like rice when I was little because I knew I would get an OVERLOAD later in life!! jaja!! Although I love it now!! and there are many ways to cook it! arroz con leche es mi favorito!  ( Rice with sweeten condensed milk...better than rice pudding.) La Obra es bien!  (The work is good!) We have been a little slower this week because I have been sick.. and I felt terrible because my compañera already does most of the talking and while sick I lost my voice for a day and a half.. she had to do all the talking and even talk for me too.. I felt terrible and alone because I couldn´t speak and couldn´t say anything.. But it helped me realize that I need to be humble and use the Lord in all things and He knows how I feel and how everyone feels and He loves us even though we sin! He is perfect and loves us Perfectly!!!! Even though we aren´t. I can´t wait for the day to see Him and be like Him! He is wonderful and does everything for our good!!! Let the Atonement mold, cleanse, purify, sanctify, and change you! IT IS FOR YOUR GOOD!!! You are becoming the best
you can be through the one who Loves us!!
My compañera is perfect for me!! She compliments me perfectly.. Her strengths are my weaknesses. She is teaching me so much about Love and diligence and patience.. All the attributes of Christ! Her parents should be so proud of her!
So this week.. on Wednesday was el cumplaños de mi compañnera ( the birthday of my companion- a Peruvian tradition- smashing eggs) and we SMASHED EGGS!!!!!! jaja although President Torres says that I still need an egg on my head for my welcome.. we will see.. jaja
Los Elderes tuvieron un bautismo de una jovencita ( the elders had a baptism of a young girl), this saturday, and We have one this next Saturday! We are still working with a familia to get married. but the Lord has opened doors for us and we have found people willing to help!
The temple brings so many blessings! There are many families here that aren´t sealed and I feel so lucky that I have that sealing for eternity. I haven´t been able to go to the temple for about a month.. since I have been in the field, and I miss it dearly! The last time I went in Peru I did not want to leave. There is a peace there that feels like home even though I am far away. Temple Work and Family History are even more important to me now that I have gone through the temple and am away from my family. I can feel your love across the oceans, mountains, and valleys! I feel the support of your prayers when I really need it! I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! Thank you for teaching me the gospel and choosing to be fiel en el Evangelio! ( Strong in the Gospel!) Keep telling me about home!! and the experiences you are having! It supports me soo much! and if you have pictures!!! I would love to see them!
I only get mail every month or so.. depending when people go to the offices for meetings and stuff..
FELCICDADES A Eddy y David!!!! MORE DRIVERS!!!!!!!!! STAY OFF THE ROADS!!!  ;D ( They passed their driving permits.) 
Everything is great and I am SUPER happy!!! This is the work of the Lord.. and it is fun!!! difficult at times but sooo fun!!! The Elders in my zone are AMAZING!!!! and they have helped me so much to be better!
Squeal for joy..... That we are having a baptism.. THat my compañera es AMAZING!!! haha that we have inside jokes how I am Po from Kung Fu Panda.. jaja MY DISTRICT IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! jaja I hope I stressed that enough. I can definitely see that The Lord has prepared us to help each other and to learn from each other!
Last Sunday I did speak in Church on obra misional con amor y caridad! (on missionary work with love and charity). I spoke with the zone leaders.. and felt my spanish was below par after I heard them and understood about half of what they said... but one is from Mexico and is a native speaker and the other has been on his mission for a year. I just want to speak and understand perfectly already.. but I am learning patience and diligence!! That is so great that they are all using their priesthood. I feel so blessed to have them as my family. That is a problem here.. There is enough people to have a stake but most are inactive- also they only have enough active priesthood to have a branch.. which is really sad for me because I grew up around the priesthood and now I realize how blessed I was and am to have worthy priesthood holders in my home! ( Mardi was sick and I asked her if she said in any. ) I sort of stayed in.. One of the nights this week we went in about 2 hours early and I slept and also I was sleeping in a little in the morning as well. I think I am over the worst of it. Hna Moody did not get sick.. she might soon though.. haha I am praying for no though. The baptism is this Saturday  for son of the family we are working with. and the wedding will happen depending on the paper work. We are having a celebration this Saturday for Peru. I will take pictures and send them to you! I also have pictures of the egg fight... but I may have to wait and send them next week.. Cambios is the second week in August I believe.
You can edit and paste my letters together.. so they make sense..
Hermana Hyer

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Po from Kung Fu Panda

July 15, 2013 Monday

Hola! Familia y amigos!!!
This week has been a lot harder we had made a lot of contacts with people on the street and when we went to their houses they were not there which is sooo sad because they have no idea what they are missing or what happiness they could have and it´s a happiness that lasts forever!!!!!
Yesterday was really hard because Saturday we had a FANTASTIC lesson with this girl and she said that she wanted to feel better and repent and go to church the next day and so Sunday morning we went to her house which is on the other side of Chancay from where we live and it is also far sorta from the church and I felt like Po in Kung Fu Panda when he gets to the top of the stairs and he can see and then the doors close before he gets there.. The investidora decided to stay home and sleep well that is what her dad told us that she is still sleeping so we walked to church saddened of heart because we were also running late to church and we thought we were going miss the Sacrament as well.. but The Elderes had told them to wait for us or they were waiting for other miembros tambien. haha that was sad.. but we are still going to see her. I also met my new mission president this past week.. last wednesday! He is great!! and His wife is wonderful!!! and they have 10 kids all together but only 2 of them came with R a 12 boy and S a 10 year old girl. They are so sweet! Also our president is a teacher for seminaries and institute which is what I am considering going into when I get back but I am still not sure.. there is a lot of history here.. I might do history as well.. haha
I keep waking up every morning not believing that I am here serving my mission for the Lord. He has been protecting me and he has been guiding me. I can feel it. And Spanish is getting easier little by little.. Although I still wish I was a native speaker.. That is my goal!!! To be a native speaker!!!
Everything is great just a lot of walking... and walking... y caminando... y mucho más caminando!!!! jaja.  WE have not tried no bake cookies..(I sent her the recipe that she asked for last week)  porque they don´t have peanut butter here.. or they do and it is very expensive.. so send me more easy no bake recipes we can try. I have not gotten any dear elder letters.. It will probably be easier to email..
Hermana Hyer
I am attaching some pictures and this one is my army of Helaman and my first day en el campo.

July 8, 2013 Arroz...Rice With Every Meal :)

Hola Familia y Amigos,
I am teaching a bunch of people... We contacted a whole bunch of people althought half of them weren't home when we went to visit.. We are teaching less actives and inactives a lot.. That is a problem here in Chancay a lot of people took a offense and intended offense so they stopped going to church.. I now know why I went throught that thing ... I can understand how they feel.. WE have a family that we are teaching and the mom is J and dad is R oldest is A then W then M and R.  We invited W and J to baptism and W is scared or has doubts but we are working with her. J needs to get married first and we have a date set for the 20 of july for a wedding and 27 for baptism. Last night we had a noche de hogar with The familiy and a member M and her family. It was way fun!! M and R are reading the scriptures together each night and R has made friends at church and desires to be baptized!! R is 9, M  14, W 17, and A is 18.  A and R haven´t really been to any of our lessons.. A is afraid because she had a bad experience with a church.. But I can see the hunger for knowledge in their eyes!
Favorite moment was last night.. each day is better than the next!
The Lord is always kind and patient with us.. haha I have noticed that a lot more especially since I am less patient with myself. I am so glad Heavenly Father is perfect.. I would hate to have someone who wasn´t in charge of everything.... The Lord is amazing!! and cares about everyone!!!
haha culture shock.. well I... the men cat call like none other... haha tambien arroz con cada comida!!!  ( Rice with every meal...she is not too fond of rice.)   It is really cold here.. well not freezing but we are right next to the ocean and it is humid cold.. 
I GOT YOUR LETTER this week!!!  SOOOO AWESOME!!!! We only get mail once in a while when the leaders or a companionship goes into Lima to the offices.
I am glad you guys are having fun!!! Please swim for me and take baths for me!! haha We have a shower and a water heater but usually the water goes cold.. which makes me get out faster.. haha
A mission is hard... but SOO worth it!!!  I have met soo many people and learned so much already I wish girls could serve for two years!!! A lot of times it is sad because nobody wants to hear or appointments fall through. but... Always afterward the Lord blesses us because we do our best. Like the other day we had like 5 appointments fall through and taught a less active member and then my companion taught piano at night and it was a good day. The next day got better and the next better! Also another experience saturday was great!!! We had a lesson at 10 am and He had taken lessons from other missionaries and knew a lot and was really interested! then that night we had a couple people not at their houses.. so we went to a noche de hogar and taught and played games then headed back home and we passed by a person we had met house and there were people drinking outside and I said lets go home and my companion said no me importa vamanos. entonces we taught and the beginning was hard for me to concentrate there was music coming from upstairs and it was in english and drunk laughter from outside but the music got turned off and it was a great lesson! we were teaching a guy and two ladies the ladies and my companion cried. One of the ladies L had a daughter die and I knew sort of how she felt. My spanish came a lot easier and It was AMAZING!!!!! Vale la pena!!!! If you feel it is right to go on a mission GO!!! IT is WORTH IT!!! and so much fun!!!! and I could not imagine myself doing anything else better with my time!!!!
Answers to questions....
I have not met the presidente ..pero I expect him to do interviews with people soon. My Líderes de zona (zone leaders who are the missionaries in charge of the missionaries in that area) have and they said he whipped everyone with his words of fire.. that he is direct and like Jeffery R Holland. The work is great! We are working with a family now.. the information is in my letter to C... don´t have time to write it all out again.. jaja ( j sounds like a h in Spanish so this is the Spanish haha:)) love you guys still!! Mi compañera y yo estamos bien!!! (My companion and I are well.)  and the investigators are great!!! We have made a lot of contacts and some haven´t been there... but that is okay. I have not recieved the dear elder letter ... but I will let you know when I do! That is AWESOME!!! I heard M ( her cousin) got his call to Florida? WHich mission?
CONGRATS ED!!!! It will help you so much prepare to be a missionary!! The Lord is preparing His missionaries to be the most effective!! He is hastening His work!!!
I get an hour to write friends and family.. and 15 minutes to write the presidente. The weather is great.. humid. cold.. but great!!! I am not cold.. well only when there is a chill jaja At night I have three blankets and sometimes I get hot.. I will let you know when I get the package... Let me know the names of the Elders.. The Elder that was in the MTC with me was Elder W and he was the one assigned to Logan.. The rest are in Ogden area I believe...
I received several letters yesterday the ones with the Flags, and two from The Y.. ONe from  S.  Send me pictures of you guys!!! I want to see the fun things you guys are doing!!! Could you also send me pictures of all the cousins and their families!!!
I have not heard about Sister O it is possible she is assigned to another area.. Maybe at cambios I will see her..
Chancay 2 is great!! A LOT of walking... haha Yesterday we have two baby blesssings in our ward and a confirmation. I have seen 2 baptisms so far a youth name J and an older guy name J. They are of the other elders in my district. We are working with a family to get them baptized but I will let you know how that goes. Spanish is coming easier and I am remembering and understanding more but I still get overwhelmed at times and I zone out and my mind wanders but I try to listen carefully and understand the syllables and imitate them in my own speaking. In my District we have two native speakers which is great!!! It helps to hear them talk. The Companionships are  Elder H and Elder P. Elder H is from Huntsville, Utah and Elder P is from Mexico. They are the líderes de zona y son bien simpaticos!! THEY ARE GREAT!!! jaja. Elder N and Elder G: Elder N is from Spanish Fork and is half tongan and says he knows  our neighbors.... haha He is my líder de distrito. ( District leader) Elder G is from Las Vegas and is pretty funny.. ALL THE ELDERS ARE HILARIOIUS!!!!! Elder S and Elder F: Elder F is from Ecaudor and Elder S is from.. I don´t remember where but from utah.. I believe..
It is sooo great to watch the native speakers tell stories or jokes and how animated they are!! Also I can see the personalities when I actually understand what they are saying!! haha they are soooo great!!!! I am so blessed to have such WONDERFUL ELDERES!!!!! and AMAZING Capacitadora!!! (Trainer..her companion) and YOU GUYS AS MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!
How is everything going? How was the family reunions? Send me PICTURES!!!!! How is home? Go swimmming for me!!! and take baths!!! jaja
DyC 6:36; Moroni 7:13; Alma 7
Hermana Hyer

Monday, July 1, 2013

AJ and who he is to Mardi

****This is a little note about our family to help you understand Mardi and her blog better. I, as her mother, am writing this.
Hermana Hyer, Mardi is the third child and first daughter in our family. She has 4 brothers, and a little sister. Her oldest brother is AJ and is/was 4 years older than her. Five years ago, in October, 2007, she and AJ worked as characters in a haunted mansion. That whole month they worked together, and developed a closeness that literally was a gift from Heavenly Father. He became the best older brother and she became his adored and protected little sister.(not bad for a 17 and 13 year old.) There truly was a gift of peace in our home that entire month. On October 29, 2007, on the way to work, they were involved in a car accident. AJ was sitting beside Hermana Hyer and was thrown from the vehicle. She was stuck in the vehicle and has stated that she felt his arms around her until she went into the ambulance. AJ did not survive the accident.  She has been blessed with some great and wonderful experiences since he passed away, and we believe that life does not end at death. We believe that families are forever and that our spirit continues to progress after we die. We, as a family, miss AJ and we still pray for him and his eternal progression. I do not doubt that she is able to feel his closeness and I know that this experience in her life will allow her to touch many people's lives as she teaches them about Heavenly Father's eternal plan. May those of you who have experienced the death of a loved one..know that there is peace out there for you. Trust in Heavenly Father to know that He knows what you are going thru and He loves you. He went thru the death of His only Begotten Son and knows what it feels like. He has also had many of his children reject Him and His Son, and has seen them make decisions that take them away from Him. He understands our pain, He understands what we are going thru. Turn to Him in prayer. You will receive peace and more love than you can imagine. You will also miss your beloved person, as we still miss AJ, but you will blessed. You are stronger than you know. Trust in our Heavenly Father and Our Beloved Savior. Families Are Forever!!!!!!!
Con mucho amor,
Jane Hyer

My Week Has Been Great!

A lot of crazy things happening.. haha like doing things we are not used to seeing and the men cat calling everywhere!!! But there was a older lady who was sooo kind and said hermosas gringas! Which makes me feel so great!!! and the other day  while we were making a contact with a guy at his house two drunks guys were being disrepectful and I was on splits  with one of the sister training leaders and She pushed me behind her and the Spirit just ran away and it made me want to cry because I also knew AJ could not be there.. But the guy we were talking to was telling the two drunk guys to respect us and to go away and eventually they did. But it is so sad that people drink themselves into a state that they cannot control themselves. It allows satan to take over. After that happened we had a lesson at a person´s house and we went and talked to her. She has a month old baby boy and another son who is five. She is an inactive member and her husband is not a member but we were talking about going to church and how Heavenly Father loves her and about enduring to the end. The Spirit was so strong that it was worth what happened before.
okay to answer questions!! We have a microwave and a little stove top.. also a sink outside of our house. But we can also ask for permission from a member to use their stove.  Frames ( new glasses) do not matter, just ones that are bigger so people can see my eyes. I like my cliffs shoes they are more comfortable to walk in. WE WOULD LOVE AGGIE SHIRTS!! (Both she and her companion went to Utah State.) Can you send me the past 2 or 3 years general conference magazines in english and spanish? So I can use them to help teach and to help me learn spanish better! I am warm at night thanks to my thermals... My blanket is also super warm!!!  My first p day was great!!! Super fun!! We played volleyball with some members investigators!!! I got pictures!! But I left my converter to put the sd card for the computer at home.. so next week!!! My investigators are great!! They are growing and progressing so much!!! It is so cool to see how they are changing!! My spanish is
improving I am understanding a tiny bit more but I still get frustrated that I don´t understand everything and I feel like a little child when I talk because it is sooo slow.. I just want to be able to say everything that I want to say. but it will come with time. Hermana Moody tells me that at the beginning of the mission we learn patience and humility and to rely on the Lord with the language. Which I am trying to do.. but it still is frustrating... I will be patient and work diligently because in the blessing I got before I left the CCM said my tongue will be loosed.. which is funny because I feel like now my tongue is tied and I cannot say all I want.. with time and patience and diligence it will come! President Dorius called me a miracle the day of changes because I was the only North American in my group to get my visa.. everyone else got reassigned.. but it stinks that I cannot say what I want..and they speak so fast. We are serving in a city a hour and half bus ride from Lima called Chancay, and our area is called Chancay 2. We share it with our zone leaders. Four other elders in our district serve in Paravillo. and  The rest of zone 16 elders are in Huacho area.. I´m not sure what it is called exactly.. I will find out.  We are the only sisters in our zone.. haha but it is super fun!!!
I LOVE YOU ALL SOOO MUCH!!! and I hope all is well!!!!
Hermana Hyer