Monday, July 1, 2013

My Week Has Been Great!

A lot of crazy things happening.. haha like doing things we are not used to seeing and the men cat calling everywhere!!! But there was a older lady who was sooo kind and said hermosas gringas! Which makes me feel so great!!! and the other day  while we were making a contact with a guy at his house two drunks guys were being disrepectful and I was on splits  with one of the sister training leaders and She pushed me behind her and the Spirit just ran away and it made me want to cry because I also knew AJ could not be there.. But the guy we were talking to was telling the two drunk guys to respect us and to go away and eventually they did. But it is so sad that people drink themselves into a state that they cannot control themselves. It allows satan to take over. After that happened we had a lesson at a person´s house and we went and talked to her. She has a month old baby boy and another son who is five. She is an inactive member and her husband is not a member but we were talking about going to church and how Heavenly Father loves her and about enduring to the end. The Spirit was so strong that it was worth what happened before.
okay to answer questions!! We have a microwave and a little stove top.. also a sink outside of our house. But we can also ask for permission from a member to use their stove.  Frames ( new glasses) do not matter, just ones that are bigger so people can see my eyes. I like my cliffs shoes they are more comfortable to walk in. WE WOULD LOVE AGGIE SHIRTS!! (Both she and her companion went to Utah State.) Can you send me the past 2 or 3 years general conference magazines in english and spanish? So I can use them to help teach and to help me learn spanish better! I am warm at night thanks to my thermals... My blanket is also super warm!!!  My first p day was great!!! Super fun!! We played volleyball with some members investigators!!! I got pictures!! But I left my converter to put the sd card for the computer at home.. so next week!!! My investigators are great!! They are growing and progressing so much!!! It is so cool to see how they are changing!! My spanish is
improving I am understanding a tiny bit more but I still get frustrated that I don´t understand everything and I feel like a little child when I talk because it is sooo slow.. I just want to be able to say everything that I want to say. but it will come with time. Hermana Moody tells me that at the beginning of the mission we learn patience and humility and to rely on the Lord with the language. Which I am trying to do.. but it still is frustrating... I will be patient and work diligently because in the blessing I got before I left the CCM said my tongue will be loosed.. which is funny because I feel like now my tongue is tied and I cannot say all I want.. with time and patience and diligence it will come! President Dorius called me a miracle the day of changes because I was the only North American in my group to get my visa.. everyone else got reassigned.. but it stinks that I cannot say what I want..and they speak so fast. We are serving in a city a hour and half bus ride from Lima called Chancay, and our area is called Chancay 2. We share it with our zone leaders. Four other elders in our district serve in Paravillo. and  The rest of zone 16 elders are in Huacho area.. I´m not sure what it is called exactly.. I will find out.  We are the only sisters in our zone.. haha but it is super fun!!!
I LOVE YOU ALL SOOO MUCH!!! and I hope all is well!!!!
Hermana Hyer 

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