Monday, July 1, 2013

AJ and who he is to Mardi

****This is a little note about our family to help you understand Mardi and her blog better. I, as her mother, am writing this.
Hermana Hyer, Mardi is the third child and first daughter in our family. She has 4 brothers, and a little sister. Her oldest brother is AJ and is/was 4 years older than her. Five years ago, in October, 2007, she and AJ worked as characters in a haunted mansion. That whole month they worked together, and developed a closeness that literally was a gift from Heavenly Father. He became the best older brother and she became his adored and protected little sister.(not bad for a 17 and 13 year old.) There truly was a gift of peace in our home that entire month. On October 29, 2007, on the way to work, they were involved in a car accident. AJ was sitting beside Hermana Hyer and was thrown from the vehicle. She was stuck in the vehicle and has stated that she felt his arms around her until she went into the ambulance. AJ did not survive the accident.  She has been blessed with some great and wonderful experiences since he passed away, and we believe that life does not end at death. We believe that families are forever and that our spirit continues to progress after we die. We, as a family, miss AJ and we still pray for him and his eternal progression. I do not doubt that she is able to feel his closeness and I know that this experience in her life will allow her to touch many people's lives as she teaches them about Heavenly Father's eternal plan. May those of you who have experienced the death of a loved one..know that there is peace out there for you. Trust in Heavenly Father to know that He knows what you are going thru and He loves you. He went thru the death of His only Begotten Son and knows what it feels like. He has also had many of his children reject Him and His Son, and has seen them make decisions that take them away from Him. He understands our pain, He understands what we are going thru. Turn to Him in prayer. You will receive peace and more love than you can imagine. You will also miss your beloved person, as we still miss AJ, but you will blessed. You are stronger than you know. Trust in our Heavenly Father and Our Beloved Savior. Families Are Forever!!!!!!!
Con mucho amor,
Jane Hyer

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