Thursday, June 27, 2013

Picture of all the Hermanas in Lima West

Look in the back!!!

Chancay, Peru

Hola Family and friends,
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! I cannot believe that D is leaving already.. so weird and that in about a week I will be out two months.. where has the time gone.. I wake up every day so grateful I am here, sharing this wonderful gospel with the people of Chancay Peru!!! We have the gospel and it is a blessing!!! Take advantage of it!!! Moroni 7:13 WE ARE GOOD!!!! Heavenly Father made us that way! He made us to be happy! He made us to know opposition so we will know where we want to go and what true happiness is!!!  HE LOVES US!!!! Us, who are imperfect, flawed in every sense of the word.. He gives us trials to help us.. to increase faith, love, charity, diligence, obedience, and all the characteristics of Christ! We are becoming like Him!!! Day by day, poco a poco, moment by moment we are either coming unto Christ or going away from Him!! Choose to grow closer for He is the light and life of the world!! He is the way, the truth, and the ONLY person through whom we can return! Follow Him! He invites, he never takes away our agency. He is there at the door waiting for us to open it!!!
Chancay is beautiful!!! I will be taking pictures later today and sending them to you next week! My p days are Mondays. I love you all sooooo much!!! I miss you!!!! but I know that this has an eternal impact and will help so many people and so many generations! We promised to bring the gospel to people in the premortal existance we CANNOT Shrink and we CANNOT afford to waste a single moment!!! Talk with everyone about the gospel!! Our lives depend on it! The Gospel is our life! We need to do the little things everyday, the seminary, and primary answers. Read scriptures, pray, everything brings us closer! LAY your burdens on Christ, He will make them light! He will carry, comfort, heal, cleanse, mold, and change us. It may hurt because change is never easy but He is making us into the person He needs us to be!!! Trust in Him and His timing!!! For He is perfect and His timing is always perfect
 My companion is Hermana Moody. She is from St George and went to Utah State. She is great!!! SO
nice and is helping me a lot!!!  ( Mardi went to Utah State this last fall, and we live in Logan. She and her companion are both Aggies. :) )
I am sure I will be able to converse with the others who speak Spanish with the help of diligence and the Lord!!! I am glad to hear that you are still working at the temple and having fun!!! Missionary work and temple work really does go hand in hand and it is my pleasure to be serving along side you and grandma and C and J!!!! (Her grandparents are serving in the Brigham City Temple in Brigham City, Utah. Her other cousins are serving in Kentucky, Louisville Mission and Illinois Chicago Spanish speaking Mission.). 
It is amazing the LOVE that Heavenly Father has for us!!! I agree!! And it is amazing that He allows me to feel that pure and perfect love for others!!!! I am so grateful that I get to take part in the miracle of seeing people come into the gospel!! You are participating in it too. just maybe not seeing the full effects of it yet! But I know that the people you have helped will rejoice with us in the Celestial Kingdom and come and thank us for the help and the chance we gave them to be with their Families forever!!!! I rejoice in this wonderful gospel and I wake up everyday still not believing I am here and helping others come unto Christ! It is a wonderfully, fulfilling feeling!!! and I would do it everyday for the rest of my life!!!
The area I am in Peru is called Chancay 2 and it is in a little town called Chancay. It is a wonderful place, but also different. The people here are so humble and live very humbly compared to home. I know they have been prepared I just hope and pray I can help them and that I will not shrink in finding them! My first week has been great! Lots of walking!! But it is so fun!!! I went from the MTC with 8 Elders all latinos. They were so very sweet and caring. I felt I had my own little army of Helaman protecting me! My companion is Hermana Moody. She is from St George and went to USU for 2 years before coming. She has a sister that is in Chile right now on her mission too. She is very sweet and patient and kind to help me and guide me. My Spanish is improving bit by bit and I understand more each day. The Spirit always reassures me when I feel upset or overwhelmed, when I don´t understand, comforting me that one day with hard work, diligence and obedience and His help I will understand!!
The Lord is so kind, patient, loving, caring, and wonderful!!! He does everything for us!!! FOR US!!!!! I cannot believe He made this wonderful earth for us, this wonderful opportunity to learn and to grow to be like Him!!! I stand all amazed!!!! I look forward to sharing this gospel more and learning more each day!!! GIVE MY LOVE TO ALL!!!! God Be With Us Til We Meet Again!!
Hermana Hyer

Monday, June 24, 2013

My Own Army of Helamen

June 13, 2013
Dear Padres, 
I arrived safely! I am so excited! Tired, but so excited! I stayed up late at the CCM packing and getting ready to leave for the field. There are no sisters in my group leaving for Lima West tomorrow,  but there are 8 Elders: 3 from Chile, 3 from Peru, 1 from Honduras, and 1 from Costa Rica. They are so great and nice. They were so helpful this morning on our way to the mission office. The Latinos in the CCM are so nice! And very funny when I could actually understand what they were saying.
I cannot wait to speak and understand perfectly! Also, I ran into Aunt Janea B's nephew who is serving in my mission. The Lord has certainly blessed me to have wonderful people and experiences with so many of His precious and wonderful children! I cannot wait to go and teach! President and Hermana Dorius are wonderful and I am sad I won't get to know them better before they leave in two weeks. I, also, look forward to meeting my new president, President Archibald. I was worried about being safe when I was traveling by myself to the mission office from the CCM, but I have never felt more safe with all the 8 Elders protecting own private Army of Helamen! I miss you all!! I love you all so much!!! I am so glad I have this opportunity to share this wonderful gospel with Peru!
It is definitely a blessing and a pleasure! And in a few months all this will be in Spanish! Espero!
Con Mucho Amor!
Hermana Hyer