Monday, June 24, 2013

My Own Army of Helamen

June 13, 2013
Dear Padres, 
I arrived safely! I am so excited! Tired, but so excited! I stayed up late at the CCM packing and getting ready to leave for the field. There are no sisters in my group leaving for Lima West tomorrow,  but there are 8 Elders: 3 from Chile, 3 from Peru, 1 from Honduras, and 1 from Costa Rica. They are so great and nice. They were so helpful this morning on our way to the mission office. The Latinos in the CCM are so nice! And very funny when I could actually understand what they were saying.
I cannot wait to speak and understand perfectly! Also, I ran into Aunt Janea B's nephew who is serving in my mission. The Lord has certainly blessed me to have wonderful people and experiences with so many of His precious and wonderful children! I cannot wait to go and teach! President and Hermana Dorius are wonderful and I am sad I won't get to know them better before they leave in two weeks. I, also, look forward to meeting my new president, President Archibald. I was worried about being safe when I was traveling by myself to the mission office from the CCM, but I have never felt more safe with all the 8 Elders protecting own private Army of Helamen! I miss you all!! I love you all so much!!! I am so glad I have this opportunity to share this wonderful gospel with Peru!
It is definitely a blessing and a pleasure! And in a few months all this will be in Spanish! Espero!
Con Mucho Amor!
Hermana Hyer

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