Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dear FAMILY!!!
This week has been better! We had a baptism! of a niño and He was soo happy!!! We also tried cuy ( big Guinea Pigs...tastes like chicken..:).  and had a wonderful lunch with members yesterday! I am happy!!! My spanish is getting better still a little hard sometimes.. but it is a learning process! Sunday we went to pick up two investigadoras for church and they live on the other side of Chancay from us and a little bit away from the church as well. One said that she didn´t have time with family visiting and the other was not there. Which was disappointing.. but that is okay. When we got to the church the boy who had gotten baptized the day before wasn´t there and we were ten minutes late. I teared up and cried a little But one of the members had told us that She saw them coming. And They did!! !He got  confirmed and it was beautiful!!! His name is Rodrigo and he is 9. His mom is Juana and Monica is the daughter in the picture. He has two other sisters Andrea and Wendy and his dad Rubén. Elder Gubler is the one who baptized him! This is the family we have been trying to get married and there have been many miracles to help us!
WE ARE LOVED!!!! By the one who created us all!!! By our Heavenly Father and our Savior!! I have felt their love for my investigadores and for you!!! I MISS YOU ALL!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!!!! 
Hermana Hyer

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