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July 8, 2013 Arroz...Rice With Every Meal :)

Hola Familia y Amigos,
I am teaching a bunch of people... We contacted a whole bunch of people althought half of them weren't home when we went to visit.. We are teaching less actives and inactives a lot.. That is a problem here in Chancay a lot of people took a offense and intended offense so they stopped going to church.. I now know why I went throught that thing ... I can understand how they feel.. WE have a family that we are teaching and the mom is J and dad is R oldest is A then W then M and R.  We invited W and J to baptism and W is scared or has doubts but we are working with her. J needs to get married first and we have a date set for the 20 of july for a wedding and 27 for baptism. Last night we had a noche de hogar with The familiy and a member M and her family. It was way fun!! M and R are reading the scriptures together each night and R has made friends at church and desires to be baptized!! R is 9, M  14, W 17, and A is 18.  A and R haven´t really been to any of our lessons.. A is afraid because she had a bad experience with a church.. But I can see the hunger for knowledge in their eyes!
Favorite moment was last night.. each day is better than the next!
The Lord is always kind and patient with us.. haha I have noticed that a lot more especially since I am less patient with myself. I am so glad Heavenly Father is perfect.. I would hate to have someone who wasn´t in charge of everything.... The Lord is amazing!! and cares about everyone!!!
haha culture shock.. well I... the men cat call like none other... haha tambien arroz con cada comida!!!  ( Rice with every meal...she is not too fond of rice.)   It is really cold here.. well not freezing but we are right next to the ocean and it is humid cold.. 
I GOT YOUR LETTER this week!!!  SOOOO AWESOME!!!! We only get mail once in a while when the leaders or a companionship goes into Lima to the offices.
I am glad you guys are having fun!!! Please swim for me and take baths for me!! haha We have a shower and a water heater but usually the water goes cold.. which makes me get out faster.. haha
A mission is hard... but SOO worth it!!!  I have met soo many people and learned so much already I wish girls could serve for two years!!! A lot of times it is sad because nobody wants to hear or appointments fall through. but... Always afterward the Lord blesses us because we do our best. Like the other day we had like 5 appointments fall through and taught a less active member and then my companion taught piano at night and it was a good day. The next day got better and the next better! Also another experience saturday was great!!! We had a lesson at 10 am and He had taken lessons from other missionaries and knew a lot and was really interested! then that night we had a couple people not at their houses.. so we went to a noche de hogar and taught and played games then headed back home and we passed by a person we had met house and there were people drinking outside and I said lets go home and my companion said no me importa vamanos. entonces we taught and the beginning was hard for me to concentrate there was music coming from upstairs and it was in english and drunk laughter from outside but the music got turned off and it was a great lesson! we were teaching a guy and two ladies the ladies and my companion cried. One of the ladies L had a daughter die and I knew sort of how she felt. My spanish came a lot easier and It was AMAZING!!!!! Vale la pena!!!! If you feel it is right to go on a mission GO!!! IT is WORTH IT!!! and so much fun!!!! and I could not imagine myself doing anything else better with my time!!!!
Answers to questions....
I have not met the presidente ..pero I expect him to do interviews with people soon. My Líderes de zona (zone leaders who are the missionaries in charge of the missionaries in that area) have and they said he whipped everyone with his words of fire.. that he is direct and like Jeffery R Holland. The work is great! We are working with a family now.. the information is in my letter to C... don´t have time to write it all out again.. jaja ( j sounds like a h in Spanish so this is the Spanish haha:)) love you guys still!! Mi compañera y yo estamos bien!!! (My companion and I are well.)  and the investigators are great!!! We have made a lot of contacts and some haven´t been there... but that is okay. I have not recieved the dear elder letter ... but I will let you know when I do! That is AWESOME!!! I heard M ( her cousin) got his call to Florida? WHich mission?
CONGRATS ED!!!! It will help you so much prepare to be a missionary!! The Lord is preparing His missionaries to be the most effective!! He is hastening His work!!!
I get an hour to write friends and family.. and 15 minutes to write the presidente. The weather is great.. humid. cold.. but great!!! I am not cold.. well only when there is a chill jaja At night I have three blankets and sometimes I get hot.. I will let you know when I get the package... Let me know the names of the Elders.. The Elder that was in the MTC with me was Elder W and he was the one assigned to Logan.. The rest are in Ogden area I believe...
I received several letters yesterday the ones with the Flags, and two from The Y.. ONe from  S.  Send me pictures of you guys!!! I want to see the fun things you guys are doing!!! Could you also send me pictures of all the cousins and their families!!!
I have not heard about Sister O it is possible she is assigned to another area.. Maybe at cambios I will see her..
Chancay 2 is great!! A LOT of walking... haha Yesterday we have two baby blesssings in our ward and a confirmation. I have seen 2 baptisms so far a youth name J and an older guy name J. They are of the other elders in my district. We are working with a family to get them baptized but I will let you know how that goes. Spanish is coming easier and I am remembering and understanding more but I still get overwhelmed at times and I zone out and my mind wanders but I try to listen carefully and understand the syllables and imitate them in my own speaking. In my District we have two native speakers which is great!!! It helps to hear them talk. The Companionships are  Elder H and Elder P. Elder H is from Huntsville, Utah and Elder P is from Mexico. They are the líderes de zona y son bien simpaticos!! THEY ARE GREAT!!! jaja. Elder N and Elder G: Elder N is from Spanish Fork and is half tongan and says he knows  our neighbors.... haha He is my líder de distrito. ( District leader) Elder G is from Las Vegas and is pretty funny.. ALL THE ELDERS ARE HILARIOIUS!!!!! Elder S and Elder F: Elder F is from Ecaudor and Elder S is from.. I don´t remember where but from utah.. I believe..
It is sooo great to watch the native speakers tell stories or jokes and how animated they are!! Also I can see the personalities when I actually understand what they are saying!! haha they are soooo great!!!! I am so blessed to have such WONDERFUL ELDERES!!!!! and AMAZING Capacitadora!!! (Trainer..her companion) and YOU GUYS AS MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!
How is everything going? How was the family reunions? Send me PICTURES!!!!! How is home? Go swimmming for me!!! and take baths!!! jaja
DyC 6:36; Moroni 7:13; Alma 7
Hermana Hyer

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