Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This is a happy gospel!!!

Hola! From Peru. I am great!!! It is soooo much fun here!!! I would highly encourage preparing for a mission now so that you are worthy and ready!!! I feel like I should have prepared a lot more than I did.. Go to mission prep!!!! Read Preach My Gospel now!!!! Go through it and start preparing!!! Pray for missionary experiences and don´t be afraid to share the gospel!!! This is a happy gospel!!!! BE HAPPY!!!!!
   I have a quote for you ´´Don´t hold anything back from the Lord.´´ Elder Nelson. Also ´´Obedience brings blessings. Exact obedience brings miracles.´´ Elder Nelson Be the miracle in your life!!! Be the miracle in someone else´s life!!!
What experiences have you been having? What blessings has the Lord give you?
One last quote, ´´You have been preparing for a mission since before you were born, and you will not feel complete unless you do so worthily.´´ Elder Marcus B. Nash
Work to exhaustion every day and then give a little more!!!! The Lord will bless you for your efforts!! Use the Savior´s Atonement daily!!!! Moroni 7:12-13; D&C 6:36
I am great!!! The food is delicious a little spicy sometimes!! I love you too!!! I miss you too!!! My district is great!!! Peru is very pretty!!! It has mountains just like home.. but there aren´t really any trees on them... Mostly green trees, no pine!! Food is great!!!The CCM is great!!! Homesickness comes and goes.. The Spirit is so strong here that I don´t notice as much... I would like the families addresses if possible.. I have been having so much fun!! !Tuesdays are my pday.. I went to the temple. I rode on a crowded bus it was an adventure.. haha I will send pictures as soon as I figure how on these computers... My first Sunday was great!!! We had a devotional and I listened in Spanish and tried to translate for myself... I would get behind.. but I got the gist of it. I kept pleading with the Holy Ghost to help me and I would feel him whisper words to me and different things I needed to hear. On Sunday we saw a DVD of an Apostle it was Elder Andersen.. and he talked about Thomas S Monson and the things he lives by.. I will write it in a letter because.. I don´t have my notebook with me. I love my district! I´m am still warming up to them.. but they are great!!! The Lord has blessed me so much with the language I am learning faster than I did in high school.. and more of the gospel as well!!!! :D I cannot wait until I am fluent and can expresss feelings perfectly!!! I had a lesson the other day and the investigator didn´t really want to let us in but we were persistant and he did, He didn't want to pray either but we taught him how and he did. The spirit was sooo strong!!! It was amazing to have the Holy Ghost driving the car with going where we were needed!!! I am sooo happy!!! I do miss you guys and love you!!! But I´m sooo glad I´m here!!! I am learning sooo much and growing closer to Christ each day!!! I love it here so much!!!
Con Mucho Amor,

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