Thursday, November 7, 2013

At last..Mom posted again...:(

****To our friends and family....I, Hermana Mardi's Mother, have done it again..I am sorry that it took me so long to post her blogs.  There will be several here, and I will start with her latest.  Plese forgive me.. Christmas is coming..please send her a card to the mission address..if you send it now..she will probably get it by Christmas...if you want to know what to get her...she loves uplifting quotes.. On colored paper or index cards..most of all..she just wants to hear how you all are doing...
NOW from Hermana Mardi...
Buenos Dias.   Nov. 4, 2013
Hola familia,
Sì estoy orando siempre para ustedes.. Còmo le fue con abuela Hyer?  (Hello. family, yes, I am always praying for you all. How did it go with Grandma Hyer? I am fine!! )
Here are picture of service with my district, We helped fix  a member's  house with cardboard and cleaned it as well. She is a really wonderful lady, humble full of faith and sick as well.. She is blind and can`t walk well. We have started reading the Book of Mormon to her so she can have the blessings that come with reading it. We also were able to go with her with two new elders (... I am in Chancay for
another transfer!!! I wasn`t surprised I had a dream that I was talking to President Archibald about my mission how I was in Chancay for 6 months then Huaraz for 3 and Barranca for 3 as well... haha I wonder if that will come true... haha I love it here.. anyways haha) and take her la Santa Cena. she cried because it is the first time in a long time since she has been sick..It was so wonderful! Last pday we had a water ballon fight which was soooo fun!!! Oh Our Cousin Elder B is in my zone and has been since last transfer or the one before... haha Lots of random stuff.. sorry I am sorta scatter brained..OH Our investigator is sooo good!!! haha We were teaching him the restoration and he said si la iglesia es verdadera porque todos no son miembros!! It was sooo great!!! I was soo happy!!! hhaa a miracle!!! We also had a member with us to help explain things in different terms so he could understand better! That was really good!
I got my package!!! I love the new clothes!! It doesn`t matter if it`s from
DI haha it works and I`m happy!!! i LOVED THE CANDY!!!! And the pumpkin!!! and the Turkey!!! I can`t wait to use it!!! haha!!!
We are great!! having fun in the Lord`s work!!! MISSIONARY FUN!!!! DyC 6:36
DyC 122:10-11
Hermana Hyer

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