Friday, November 15, 2013

Be Still And Know That I Am God

Dear Familia,
Bueno, este semana fue estraño. Fuimos a la clinca Lunes y Martes y no tenìamos nada estes dìas tambien me enfermè con la comida de Peru. Entonces no podìa salir jueves, viernes, ni sabado. Pero La Hermana H sì. Ella saliò con miembros y los D. (Well, this week was strange or different. We went to the clinic on Monday and Tuesday and we did not have anything on these days, and also,  I became sick from the food of Peru. Because of this, I could not go out on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. But my companion went out with members and the missionary couple serving here.)

    Me encantò DyC 56:2 que dice si no obecemos no podemos ser salvos. Me ayudò a repasar mi semana y aunque estaba enferma sentì mal porque quizàs estaba usando eso como un excusa a relajarme, no creo. Pero quiero seguir adelante y continuar siendo obediente y ser aùn màs obediente. Tambien me encantò DyC 101:16 que dice Be still and know that I am God. Estoy aprendiendo a aceptar la volutad de Dios màs en mì vida que pasa es un parte de la vida, no tengo que ser dramatic o preocupada y que puedo aprender de todo que està pasando. (I love D&C 56:2 which says if we are not obedient, we cannot be saved. This helped me pass the week even though I was sick, I felt bad that perhaps I was using this as an excuse to relax, but I do not believe so. But I want to go ahead and continue being obedient and be even more obedient.  Also, I love D y C 101:16 that says be still and know that I am God. I am learning to accept the will of God more in my life and all that passes is a part of  life and I do not have to be dramatic or worried, and I can learn from all that is happening.)
***Mom here...* I emailed her back and said...Sis,  In our world where there is constant input and stimulus, it is not easy to be still and know that He is. Sometimes, the food poisoning can be a blessing if it allows you to be still and hear Him. Please know that He knows and loves you very much. Keep your chin up and know that He is Todopoderoso and He loves you!!! .  Todopoderoso means all powerful. It is one of those Spanish words that is beautiful in its depth and meaning.  During a missionary's mission, especially in a foreign country with a foreign language, their native English becomes the slower, more difficult language to write home in. As Hermana Mardi progresses, so does her Spanish..that is why she communicates so much in it. Her father and I, also speak Spanish and so we get the Spanish letters.:) 
On a lighter note..I asked her how the sun is spring in Peru and she wrote.... )  ...The sun is great! haha more and more I am getting tanner... haha and my shoe tan line is great!
Con todo mi amor,
Hermana Hyer

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