Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 8, 2013 The ocean and The Flu

Dear friends and family,  September 9, 2013
Thank you sooo much for all you do!!! It makes it so much easier to serve
when I know I have the support of my family behind me! This week was better
we have been looking for people and have found some new people who want to
listen as far as I can tell!! and We are having a wedding and baptism this
month!!! I am sooo excited!!! Hermana Juana is really great and wants to be
baptized and she loves going to church!!! She is really the light in the
darkness when I don´t think I can find more people I think of her and her
happiness and it is easier to go on! Thank you for the quotes as well!!
They help a lot! Will you please continue doing that? Also We have Hermana
and Elder Dickson (***new missionary couple assigned in Hermana Mardi's area.) and they both served in Chile in 2006 to 2008 in Concepción Sur, and they are wonderful!!! Learning spanish again but wonderful!!I was really sick Friday and stayed in with Hermana Jesús, she is a member. and Elder Dickson gave me a blessing which was wonderful as well! I am feeling a lot better this week. We have worked harder and are going to work harder still. I have my faith as a mustard seed necklace when I need it
some days! haha I would love to work on Personal Progress with you girls at the same time! Because I want to go through it again while I am on my mission! I just need to ask the branch president for a book.. or you could send me one.. it would be faster to ask him for one. Here is a picture of the beach! We went last pday and it was super nice and pretty! It has started to warm up a lot! and we are having sunnier days!! I
am sooo excited to have Spring and then summer!!
haha oh funny story.. we have zone conference at the beginning of the month
and the zone leaders asked how the sisters felt and I said fine.. then I
talked and ended up crying a little.. kinda awkward.. I didn´t plan on it
at all.. and now my District leader keeps asking how I feel everytime I
talk to him on the phone.. haha really funny and silly because I can tell
it is a little forced and he doesn´t like talking about feelings.. and he
is an Elder... haha but that is okay! I am just helping him prepare for his
future wife.. Because if you don´t cry; you aren´t a woman! ;D haha
Thank you for your support!!! I wouldn´t be here without it!!!!
Hermana Hyer

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