Monday, June 2, 2014

Families Are Eternal

Families Are Eternal

Dear Family And Friends,
It has been a week of frustrations and miracles.  Much like life everywhere. I lost my Agenda!!!! :(
 ( I believe this is her planner that they use that has ALL her information and contacts in it, and she asked me to piece together several emails for her. She thinks in Spanish now, so it is interesting to do.) I was very frustrated and upset about losing my agenda. Worried, too. I allowed it to distract me from the beautiful baptism that was taking place. I asked the Lord to take care of my missing agenda while I helped take care of the wonderful baptism that was about to take place.
The baptism was really good! I had a bittersweet experience with the thoughts of my missing agenda heavy on my mind.
Hna R, the sister of Hermano N who got baptized was crying and was saying, "He ( Heavenly Father), answered my prayers! I didn´t think that it would happen so soon! and It was soo sweet."  The baptism was really good!   but I was also a still little bitter about losing my agenda and angry and upset. I had prayed for my missing agenda and the Lord knew how badly I needed that agenda. I was praying to lose these feelings that were interfering with me and were stopping me from having total joy for the day and in the moment. When we were finishing the baptismal service, we were singing the closing song. We sang "Las familias puedan ser eternas"... " Families can be eternal."and well I couldn´t sing because AJ was there and I felt the spirit so strongly that If I had to pass through all I did just to help this brother I would do it again! :D This is true! I KNOW IT!! I know AJ is waiting for us! and missing us but is also busy in the Lord´s work! :DD LOVE YOU!!!!
The Lord blessed me with the sweet blessing of peace and with the blessing of feeling my brother's AJ's presence in the room. This man's conversion and baptism was a miracle and with important happenings, come trials. I love this new brother in the church, and to be a part of this is truly a miracle. Families are forever. The sister and I were experiencing eternal joys together. Her seeing her brother baptized and my being able to feel AJ at the baptism. My tears made it impossible for me to sing. How I love the gospel, and how I love being a missionary. I testify to you that Families Are Eternal. The Gospel of Jesus Christ makes it so. He loves us and so does our Heavenly Father. I felt Their Love and peace in that room? They comforted me and took away my frustration, bitterness, worry, and the feelings of being upset during that sacred meeting. Then, They topped it by allowing my testimony to be strengthened by having the Spirit confirm to me that families are forever. It is what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about. I am blessed to be part of this great work in El Trebol, Peru. I am blessed. I have to go! BUT know that.... I love you all more than all the rice in peru, the sands of the beaches, the drops of water in  the oceans and more than all the stars in the sky!! :DDD I LOVE YOU!!! AND  tell everyone to write me.. Cambios (Transfers) are later today..I will let you know next week if I was transferred or not.
ps to the kitties... soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur happy kitty sleepy kitty purr purr purr!! :DDD LOVE YOU!!! I will let you know next week! PS..Someone called just now during internet time and said they found my missing agenda. Heavenly Father answers prayers!!!!!!!
Til next week!!!
Hermana Hyer

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