Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Completos..hotdogs Peruvian style

Dear Family and Friends,
Hola! Hermana Hyer has asked me to post about hotdogs..Peruvian style called COMPLETOS.
Completos means complete in Spanish and that is exactly what they are. Hermana Hyer has had them several times and with different things on them. She describes them as really yummy. They are longer than the more traditional hotdogs and so are the buns. I have included the pictures she has sent of them getting the fixings ready. From the pictures, it looks like avocado, celery?, tomatoes, onions..look and see...


Tomatoes and onions

Hotdogs and celery? And buns below!!
Buns with the papers below.
I noticed the papers and how individual and long they were. Hermana Hyer likes them a lot and has 
promised to fix the meal for us when she gets home. I wonder if it will taste the same. Where can we find hot dogs like these? They had them for P-day when the zone got together to play some games...which will be another topic..later.
With much love,
From Hermana Hyer...
Mom, please tell them the following from me...Dear Friends and Family...The Gospel is True and I encourage, beg and exhort you to read the Book of Mormon, Another Testimony of Jesus Christ. I have read this book and I LOVE IT. I know it is true and I bear record that it is. You will be blessed if you read yourselves and with your families. This book testifies of Jesus Christ and just as I have know it is true, you can, too. Pray, pray to know it is true, and pray to have courage to follow the promptings and feelings that you will definitely feel, and I humbly and yet boldly pray that you will come to know how very much you are loved by God, our Heavenly Father and by Jesus Christ, our Beloved Savior and older Brother.
I love you, more that the sands of the seas.
Hermana Hyer

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