Thursday, August 8, 2013

Soft Kitty..Warm Kitty..and a little Owie

I am great!!! Work is great.. but hard and frustrating but FANTASTIC!!!! I am really happy doing the Lord´s work!!!! It is a pleasure that He allows us to help His children!!! Hermana Moody is great! I got A2,3,and 4 the other day. (***I am not sure what that is, but I will ask her.) The walking is A LOT!!! jaja but great! My feet and shoes are great! Although Thursday primero de agosto was a great day.. okay sorta.. I have a funny story.. two..jaja so after we picked up a member to go with us to an appointment I hit my head on a bar... because I am soo tall here!!! jaja and then later that day. We were booking it! like walking pretty fast to one of our appointments because it is on the other side of town.. and I fell off the curb.. well I stepped wrong and fell.. jaja I scraped my ankle but that was it. My companion was laughing sooo hard she cried! jaja She told me she saw me and then turned around and heard me start to fall and then she turned and saw me finish my fall. jaja It was pretty funny! and it hurt for a couple days but now I am good!! jaja I am attaching a picture so you don´t think it was something more serious..because it was a baby owie.  ANYWAY!!!
Investigators are good! We have 3 fechas ( dates) for next Saturday and they are a guy.and two are the sisters of the boy who just got baptized. We haven´t had a wedding yet but there is someone who is helping us find all the necessary papers and the things we need. Transfers are on Tuesdays, the day after p day so people can pack. Sister´s conference was great!! So much fun!! It was fantastic to see almost all the sister´s from Provo again!!! I am attaching a pictures after the egg fight.. jaja and hopefully if I have time of Hermana Moody´s birthday and the baptism as well!
I CANNOT BELIEVE that they (***her siblings) start school again soon...
sooooooooooooo....0ooooooooo......ooooooo WEIRD!!!!!!!!! jaja It would be great if you want to send me stuff to celebrate AJ´s birthday! (*** we still celebrate his birthday as a family, usually his favorite foods, and balloons at the grave site.) ( ***Now for some sisterly advice...)
LIZZY!!!! A friendship is worth more than to fight... that is a problem in the church because we have the truth satan works twice as hard! I know it is hard to apologize.. but It is what Christ would do.. and it is what is needed if you want to be friends! and YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!  AND I MISS YOU!!!  Tell this to our kitties for me!!! Soft kitty.. warm kitty. little ball of fur.. happy kitty.. sleepy kitty.. purr purr purr!!!and LOVE THEM FOR ME!!! Also could you take a picture of them and email it to me!!
Satan is going to work twice as hard on people when they are going to church and are trying to go to the temple!! BUT IT IS WORTH IT ALL!!!!!! The blessings that come from the temple far outweigh the trials and troubles we face to get there and stay worthy to go!!!!!
Yes they did get rid of backpacks.. they want us to use side bags if you could send me a good quality on that will last!!! I WILL LOVE YOU EVEN MORE!!! jaja and really appreciate it!!! ;D  Chancay is great!! We have good investigators and are working with the branch to make things better! We do have a DVD player in our apartment.
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! AND miss you all soo much!! as much as the grains of sand on the beach here.. of the stars in the sky at night.. the drops of water in the ocean and the MILLIONS of GRAINS of RICE that I have eaten and will eat!!!!!  (***Mardi did not care too much for rice before her mission.:) )
GIVE MY LOVE TO ALL!!!! and tell my friends that I am writing handwritten letters to those who have written me because I have their address.. jaja but it might take a month to get there... jaja!!! Tell them to email if they want an immediate response.. well for next Monday... if I have time..:D
Hermana Hyer

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