Monday, September 1, 2014

Over the River and Thru the Woods to a Baptism We Go...

Hola Todos! We had a wonderful experience this week. The Elders had a beautiful baptism and the Sister wanted to have it in the lake so it was allowed. We are coming out of winter into spring and so the water temperature of the lake was cold. We are in Caraz and the weather averages 50-60 degrees, so I am not sure how cold it was. But it was beautiful!!!
To get there ... We had to walk and walk and walk to the baptism..over the river and thru the woods, past the animal, and to the site to the baptism we go. It was a beautiful site and how beautiful she looked. The people swimming stopped and perched on a rock while we took some pictures and then we had the service. I have more pictures, but I share them when I get home.
I am amazed at the simpleness and yet beauty and sacredness of this gospel ordinance. Whether it is done in a lovely chapel, or an inflatable pool, or the ocean, or in this case, the majestic beauty of the outdoors with the mountains of Peru surrounding us; the Spirit of this sacred ordinance is the same!!! Why?!!! Because it is done thru and by the sacred power of those who hold and bear the Priesthood of our Lord and Savior. I felt the sacredness of the moment and felt the Spirit tell me that this is His Work and His Glory and that we are truly preforming a marvelous work and a wonder upon this earth. The time is hastening, and the marvelous people of Peru are true descendants of the Book of Mormon and now is their time to accept and grow in this gospel. How blessed I am, even with the long walks and hills we climb, to bring the truth to them. My life will never be the same and I am grateful for this opportunity to share this with them.
The peace and beauty on that young sister's face will live in my cherished memories of this magnificent place called Peru. They are a humble and wonderful people and have treated me like one of their own. I am so blessed.
Please know that I love you and you are in my prayers. Please me..I would love to hear from you. ( a plug from her mom..she is like all missionaries towards the end of her mission...scarce on time and letters from friends and family.:)
Please pray for the people of Peru. There are miracles happening here, and please pray. I know that
Heavenly Father and our Savior hears and answers our prayers. Our Savior knows us and suffered and lived for us. He changes lives, and He has seen it all, and been thru it all..even as an innocent, perfect being. The agony He must have felt was surely overcome by the joy He feels as we accept His Gospel and live our lives as He lived His. He is our great example. The scriptures are true and shows us how we can be like Him. Search His scriptures and pray. You, we all will be blessed. He lives. This is my testimony. He lives and loves, us. Use the Power of Prayer in your lives. I testify prayer works. You are in my prayers.
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Hyer

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